Thunder Ridge Racing is a sim racing team that utilizes the iRacing.com™ platform.

The team was founded in 2000 as BT Motorsports.

During the early years, BTM won 4 team championships and 8 individual titles including Lowell Jewell’s Bootleg Racing Series championship in 2002.

The 4 team trophies came from the Flashpoint Racing Series ARCA Division (2000) and the Trucks Division (2000 and 2001). Plus the inaugural season of the Racer’s Edge Alliance of Leagues’ (REAL) Cross League Challenge (2000).

BTM drivers competed in a host of other leagues including the Fender Benders Racing League, OSCAR – Online Stock Car Auto Racing, Hawaii Grand National Series, and ORCA- Online Racing Championship Association.

Now, as Thunder Ridge Racing, the team primarily races in the Bootleg Racing League.

TRR is a member of the Skitter Creek Motorsports Group